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OUR PHILOSOphy (Mission & Vission)

The Group Martínez Bierzo was founded in 1988 as a family owned company, with the aim of satisfying the supply requirements of the increasing number of companies in several fields in Bierzo. After 28 years, we still preserve the values and respect for work inculcated by our founder. Our customer base encompasses not only Spain but France and Portugal. Our experience and constant improvement policy make us focus on the expansion of our market to the rest of the EU as an immediate target.
The key of success is easy. On one hand, our human team: we count on highly qualified staff, with the capacity of attending customers from any industrial sector, focused on metallic works, mining and construction.

On the other hand, the high quality of our products. Our international suppliers provide us for homologated materials under the European regulations, from China, Sweden, Indonesia, Germany or Italy.
This recipe has consolidated us as a leading company in the industrial supply market in Bierzo and has allowed us to expand our borders beyond this region.
We want to go on growing as you can grow with us.

"We still preserve the values and respect for work as our founder inculcated us".

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The Group

Martinez Bierzo S.A.
Suministros Industriales
Martinez Bierzo S.L.
Ingenieria y Mantenimiento Industrial
Alquimarbi del Noroeste S.L.
Alquiler de maquinaria
Útiles y Utillajes, S.L
Reyco Servicios 2011 S.L.
Reparación y conservación

Leaders because of you

  • Your satisfaction, our reason to be

    We want our clients to get the very best service from us, with the highest quality. This is only possible by the rigorous selection of the best materials and products from the leading manufacturers and marks, as well as the top technical specialists. This is how, by searching for the best for each and every of our clients, Martínez Bierzo has become a leading industrial supplier company.

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  • Flexibility, our vocation

    We know our adaptability is important for your customers, our projects are single and unique, as well as our solutions. We try to design solutions that fit the changing needs of the business. This is one of the most valuable learnings throughout our long experience, a way of success we have already walked to get where we are now.

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  • International Expansion, our goal

    We know that the movement is what makes industrial companies to remain alive, and for this reason we are in a constant process of internationalization. We are aware of the fact that this process often allows us to be more diversified and competitive. We are proud of facing this process as a challenge and a chance.

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Our Services


We supply the production of a group of companies thanks to a fleet of crane trucks, with an inexpensive and fast response to your needs.

Aftersales Service

Your satisfaction is our main aim. We have a repairing workshop area for the best aftersales service possible.

Industrial Equipment

We have a large warehouse with references of leading products involved in all industrial sectors, mainly metallic works, mining and construction from the most important manufacturers all over the world (Bosch, 3M, Fischer...).

Qualified Staff

We just want the best for you. So we have at your disposal a team of highly qualified engineers to solve the most specific needs of each and every client.


28 years working for you has made a leading company of us regarding industrial supplies and useful tools.

International Suppliers

We are leaders in our sector. This privileged position has allowed us to expand our services to the rest of Spain, France and Portugal, and also to the rest of the EU countries.

International Suppliers

We import the best materials from China, Indonesia, Sweden, Germany or Italy thanks to a wide net of international suppliers, with all the European homologations and quality requirements.

Personal Atention

Our expert team has the only aim to help and advice our clients, as they are ready and prepared to support any of our customers’ projects.


We only handle the best materials from China, Sweden, Indonesia, Germany or Italy, which accomplish all the quality requirements of the EU.

  • We have such a wide range of products that it is almost impossible we don’t have what you need.

  • Do you need industrial machinery? We not only rent them, we also bring them wherever you may need them and once you finish we pick them back.

  • We are a company group with a full service: Sale, repairing…

  • Our specialized engineers lead Martinez Bierzo to the top.

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